CSR efforts

  • Grow-Trees - Meeting Minds plans to plant trees with Grow-Trees.com by greeting the expert speakers and moderators with eTreeCertificates®. Through this small gesture with the Grow-Trees team, we hope to have the opportunity to enhance the livelihood of rural communities / wildlife and offset carbon footprint while contributing to the green credentials.  

  • Creating a Community for Students - Knowledge is a resource that grows with distribution. Meeting Minds believes that it is as important to have practical knowledge as it is to glean from text-books. We believe they deserve the opportunity to imbibe values and education from the Industry Leaders on our panel. This will ensure a generation of not only smarter, but also socially driven individuals who understand the importance of best practices in all walks of life. To this end, as part of our CSR endeavours, we encourage students to commit to our cause and become Meeting Minds members.

Our Philosophy

Crown your professional or personal bonds or bring more meaning to your birthdays & other special days by supporting one of the following charities:

  • Aangan India - They work for the safery of vulnerable children.

  • Cuddles Foundation – Supports charity cancer hospitals with expert paediatric nutritionists and food aid 

  • Healing Touch’- A medical aid trust for children with ‘major medical illnesses from low socio-economic families