Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from Meeting minds?

The primary objective of Meeting minds is to connect like-minded people for a unique learning and social purpose. We hope you meet many interesting individuals.

What is the member profile of Meeting minds?

The members belong to a diverse cultural, educational, and social background.

Is there a background check carried out?

We have access to a substantial pool of known individuals. No background check is carried out. Members are solely responsible for any information shared using the platform.

Is there a particular age group that Meeting minds caters to?

Not really. However, the topics covered during sessions may appeal more to a certain age group, especially the student community.

Is Meeting minds a global platform?

Meeting minds encourages membership from any part of the world. The objective is to promote goodwill through learning and collaboration.

Does Meeting minds help with recruitment?

No. You ought to be motivated and enterprising during discussions to chart out your own future.

What kind of speakers can we look forward to listening?

An element of surprise is always interesting. We shall announce our speakers well in advance of our future meetings.

How many sessions will Meeting minds hold in a month?

We shall enjoy one session every month, on a Saturday morning from 11 am to 12 pm